About Travile

Travile will give you quick access to some of the major functions of Travian Legends game: farm lists, building, researching, training, reading reports and messages, reply to messages, send hero on adventures, view players details, alliance informations, marketplace.

You will get Local Notifications for buildings and troop movements.

You can manage multiple accounts.

The application interface will be translated in the language of the server you play on.

To be able to use Travile you will need a Travian account. Only servers that use Travian 4 will work with this application. You can find the list of incompatible servers right here.

Travile does not provide any automatic tasks. Using Travile you will not brake any Travian rules.

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Last check: 19 September 2019.

Instal the trial version right now.

After you install the application, for the first time, you will have 48 hours full access to try it.

After than you can only see the overview of your villages for any account. Nothing else can be done until you purchase the full version from inside the application!

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